Monday, January 28, 2008


After our freezing temperatures in December and January, and the bleak, gray color of winter, I am so ready for spring. I can't wait to buy plants, plan my garden, and beautify my yard and garden!

I already have plans to zeriscape certain areas of my garden, due to hot summer temperatures. I also want unusual containers for plants in my front yard, and on my porch. I am going to set aside a gardening fund and when the time is right I will excitedly rush out and buy plants in abundance.

My house plants are thriving. I just transplanted my lime tree and it has buds now, so hopefully I will have a few nice limes this summer. My orchid cactus is growing like crazy, and I hope I get to see it bloom again, even though the bloom just lasts for one night.

In the meantime, until spring is here, I will enjoy my plants in the house, and enjoy the flowers. I will keep working on the garden area so it will be ready for my eager planting, and planning soon.