Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now the days are much warmer. We suddenly have 70 degree temps, and I'm thinking it's global warming, but could be wrong. Anyway, with this warm weather, some of my perennials are coming up. The trees are budding, so of course, I'm tempted to plant things, but I won't, until the end of March.

I saved a lot of seeds from last year, and got some from my Dad. I have several varieties to plant. I figured it would save money if I harvested seeds.

I have a lot of old tires around. Last year I used them for planters, and now I read an article online about placing them two or three high,making paths around them and using them for a raised garden effect. I am going to do that. The tires provide warmth for the plants, and preserve moisture. Last year, everything I planted in them grew so much and so well, and I will use a lot of my compost for planting soil this time. That should make a difference too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is getting warmer! I have been putting change in a jar in my room so when the time is ripe I'll have a little nest egg to spend on plants. I can't wait!!!!! Here in NM we do have the spring winds from March until at least the end of April. But I can plant things anyway, when the danger of frost is past.

One of my cleaning clients threw away a live houseplant, and I have rescued it. It seems to be doing well. I have an OCD issue with saving plants. That's why I have over a dozen houseplants. If I see the dying plants being sold cheap at Smiths, I will buy them and doctor them. I have a lime tree in the house that I saved over ten years ago.

On the homeschooling front, I am taking my grandson to his homeschool classes today. He enjoys the interaction with the other kids, and especially likes the PE class. I think it's great that we homeschoolers can have our own little special school!

I need to remind myself to get a camera so I can start taking plant pictures to post here!!