Monday, December 21, 2009

Fun Xmas Lights

I have had several wine bottles that I kept thinking I could do something with. Finally, I was inspired by some ideas on the net. I bought thin strings of Christmas bead decorations at the Dollar Store, some bows, and my daughter loaned me a hot glue gun. I also bought very cheap mini lights at the Dollar Store to put inside the bottles. In no time I made one for me. Then I made my daughters one, and my best friend wanted one. I am going to take a picture of one later today and post it. I didn't drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle to run the lights through because I didn't have a way to do it, but it's quite pretty the way it is.

On the houseplant situation, I have been dealing with fungus gnats! I took my daughter's advice and watered with a mixture of left over coffee, dish soap, and water, and I think it worked!!!!