Thursday, October 14, 2010

More pictures

Fall is here!

Time for plants to die, or be cut back til next spring. I have started winterizing my garden. I already have some new ideas for next spring. I already can't wait! The two native plants I bought are doing so well. I hope they make it through the cold winter.

I am posting some pictures, one of which is the two upside down planters with cherry tomatoes. They did so well. With the upside down planters the root system is great! And the great mystery plant must have been a weed. It got to be at least 6 feet tall. Now, if I could only figure out where it came from.

I made a shelter for my cat who lives outside. I will feel better knowing she has a place to sleep on the porch. She is beautiful. If only my dogs liked cats, I could have her in the house.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Garden and Homeschool News-On the garden front there is quite a bit to talk about. Most of my plants have made it through the hot summer. I have a mystery plant continuing to grow in my compost. It gets taller by the day! I am going to post it here later to see if anyone can tell me what it is. I have one squash plant that's thriving! That one plant will be plenty for us.

We had a great rain last night. It was wonderful to listen to the thunder and rain on the roof. There isn't a better sound when you live in the southwest!!

I've found two surprise animals in the garden in the past month-a huge toad sitting in my bird water, and a water snake under it, when I picked it up to empty it. Seeing snakes is rare around here. It was a scare at first!

On the homeschool front_I am still going to help Jen with Billy so I want to start looking for curriculum. Last year we accomplished a lot in math. This year I want to do more in writing too.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Planting a lot!!

I have planted so many things in my little garden. It's so fun to watch them grow. Even some mystery plants are growing all around the garden.

Bobby got me some of the upside down tomato planters and put them up while I was gone. What a nice surprise!!

Some plants are coming back to life. Like my salvia plant and my hibiscus. Also, Morning Glories are springing back up.

I put a bird feeder out and now it's fun to watch which birds come to eat. So, that's my progress in the garden. Hope to have more pictures soon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Plants Surviving!

In spite of the freezing weather we've had, some of my plants are hanging in there. They are outside too. Among these are, Snapdragons, Hollyhock, succulent ground cover, lavender. I water them from time to time also.

My two stray cats are fat and furry, and every day they are clamoring for their food. I am attached to them! I wish they could come in the house, but my dogs are a threat. Oh well, they have a sunny place in front of the porch and shelter under the porch. I notice that they get out and roam around when the dogs are in the house.

My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom all the time. What a treat! Also the geraniums in the bedroom window continually bloom. I love that!!

So, I bought some wire working tools and I hope to come up with some ideas for a project in the near future. Maybe some hanging things outside this spring.