Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gardening Summer of 2012

I decided to grow everything in my front yard this year.  I have hollyhocks, moon flowers, morning glories, nasturtiums, vinca, tomatoes, squash, sunflowers, lemon tree, and a couple of other plants growing. They are all doing well for now.
I decided to not plant anything in my backyard garden this year.  It was expensive to water last year with the drought.  However, I put out water for the wild birds out there, and it's fun to watch them.  I have doves, and quail coming in a lot.  Assorted other small birds come in too.  I forgot to mention, I have a nest of swallows under the eaves of my house in the front yard.
I don't know how much rain we'll have this year.  I am hoping it'll be a lot more than last year.  Right now, it's sad to see the smoke from a huge fire in the Gila Wilderness. Hope we don't have many of those this year!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Conserving water this summer

I've decided to just run a drip line in the back yard to water trees and bushes, and do container gardening in my front yard.  I seem to waste a lot of water in the summer watering plants in the ground.  I thought also, this would save me a lot of time as I can just go right outside the front door and tend to the garden.

So, I'm excited about my new plan.  I can't wait til spring!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rain, finally!

We finally had our one rain, produced by the monsoons.  I hope that isn't it! However, I notice that my garden got a tremendous boost! In my raised bed the Datura, peppers, tomatoes, marigolds grew a lot.  Down on the ground, my squash and cucumbers have doubled in size.  I actually have a mostly ripe tomato! Can't wait to pick and eat it with salt. 

My Bird of Paradise are also growing in leaps and bounds.  Also, the bamboo are thriving.

All we need is a lot more rain!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting Summer In My Garden

I returned to my garden in April. I lost a few things to the horrible freeze this winter. My Bird of Paradise bushes have started new growth from the roots. The exposed branches died. Also, lost a lavender plant, and two native shrubs. I was very sad.

The drought is really a challenge. Things just don't grow well without rain. We only had one snow this winter. I water once a day, early in the morning. I have a squash, and a cucumber plant surviving. I have some pepper plants, eggplant, cilantro, a couple of carrots, and tomatoes growing in a raised bed and containers.

My Bamboo survived,and I am keeping them watered daily. I also have some dianthus planted in a container, along with some poppies. I planted some Moon Flower seeds and wouldn't you know my daughter's dog dug up the seedlings!!!! I was so upset. I think I saved a couple. I have plenty of Morning Glories sprouting everywhere.

So, soon, hopefully, I can post some good pictures of my plants.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arctic conditions!

The past few days were horrible as far as the weather was concerned. Such as in 21 degrees below zero one night, which resulted in frozen and burst water pipes in my house. We were without water in the house for 4 days and it was no fun.

I don't know how my perrenials in the garden made it yet. Hopefully, the roots below ground will have survived to show life this spring. And we are coming out of this deep freeze starting today and it will be in the 60's by next week! I'm excited about that!

Meanwhile I am saving my coins in a big jar to use for seeds, and garden supplies come April. I already see seeds and garden supplies for sale but alas! It's too early yet.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been keeping an eye on the native plants I bought last summer. They are alive and apparently well, in spite of the infrequent waterings, and not much rain or snow to speak of. I find it hard to hook the hose up and get out there with the arctic temperatures we've had in December, continuing on this month. I should water the wild birds at least. I am an expert at procrastination.

I have plenty of plans for things to do in the garden this spring. I just can't wait!! I need to expand the planting area for one thing, and spread the compost when I dig the garden up.

I love summer and the daily ritual of going out to water my plants. I'm looking for a small rustic looking table and two chairs to put out there this summer in my meditation spot, which is also a place to hide when things get too rambunctious in the house, as when I have company.

So, I hope to be back with some nice pictures come April after I make some improvements.

Thursday, October 14, 2010