Saturday, August 15, 2009

August Gardening

Well, summer is going to be over before we know it. I had mixed luck this summer with my plants. Some did especially well after our very abnormal monsoon rains, and some just died. I have had some great surprises though! There are things coming up now that I didn't think were ever going to come up. Sometimes, I would just throw some seeds out there and take a gamble, and then when I least expected it-behold!-a mystery plant would come up! Mystery because I couldn't remember what seed it came from. Ha!

I started out with some pumpkin plants in the compost pile, but the mole and Molly the dog took care of that. She dug it all up looking for the little critter!

I have had fun with garden junk this summer. Made a border with wine bottles, I did this last week. I just enjoy doing this stuff. Everyone else probably thinks I've lost it. Ha! That little spot is my haven and my source of peace and quiet.

Oh, a note on my house plants-the Orchid Cactus came up with a bloom, but it died before opening. I just looked at the plant closely and I have at least 5 buds!!!!!! How exciting. Never has happened before!! I am so excited!!!!

I do have some more recent pictures to add. I'll try to do that today.