Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gardening Summer of 2012

I decided to grow everything in my front yard this year.  I have hollyhocks, moon flowers, morning glories, nasturtiums, vinca, tomatoes, squash, sunflowers, lemon tree, and a couple of other plants growing. They are all doing well for now.
I decided to not plant anything in my backyard garden this year.  It was expensive to water last year with the drought.  However, I put out water for the wild birds out there, and it's fun to watch them.  I have doves, and quail coming in a lot.  Assorted other small birds come in too.  I forgot to mention, I have a nest of swallows under the eaves of my house in the front yard.
I don't know how much rain we'll have this year.  I am hoping it'll be a lot more than last year.  Right now, it's sad to see the smoke from a huge fire in the Gila Wilderness. Hope we don't have many of those this year!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Conserving water this summer

I've decided to just run a drip line in the back yard to water trees and bushes, and do container gardening in my front yard.  I seem to waste a lot of water in the summer watering plants in the ground.  I thought also, this would save me a lot of time as I can just go right outside the front door and tend to the garden.

So, I'm excited about my new plan.  I can't wait til spring!