Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Looking Like Spring!!

Finally, I've gotten to plant some seeds and plants!! I planted petunias in some container plants, and moonflower seeds and various other seeds in other containers. I also planted lettuce, and there is a pumpkin seed coming up in the compost pile.

So, now when I go outside I see color and beauty. My vincas are also blooming purple and are beautiful.

I spent some time out there this morning, watering, and the only disturbing thing I saw were signs that I have a mole, and that one of my dogs was trying to dig it up. A big mess I'll go clean up this evening. Every summer there is some garden pest I have to deal with.

So, it's a beautiful day and I am so happy to be able to get out there and garden!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wildlife In The Garden

I have seen a quail family in the garden several times in the past week. They are finally coming back!! Also, doves are coming to the garden to get water. There are also many other birds out there. Soon rabbits will be there so I have a lot of lettuce seeds that I intend to plant all summer so rabbits, etc. will have something to eat besides my plants.

I am holding off on planting container plants out there because of this weather. But in the front yard, all the plants are doing well. As I mentioned before, there is a protected environment for them because of the adobe wall. I figured out that the wall collects heat during the day and somehow keeps the plants from freezing.

I have allotted a day next week to finally burn weeds and clean up outside. I've been postponing it for so long!! It's hard to work, do housework, and keep the yard up. Noone else is very enthusiastic about it, but the yard is my hobby and I have to do the undesirable jobs in order to enjoy it.

My young dog, Bella, (half border collie, half springer spaniel) has sure done her share to mess things up out there. She's at the stage of chewing up and tearing up whatever she can find. I never know what to expect when I get out there. ha!

So, my hands are itching for some new plants and fun!! I just can't wait until I can go look at some plants and buy a few.