Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tire Gardening

I found a way to use the old tires I had around the back yard. They are now containers for my vegetables and flowers. I put good soil in them, stacked two or three high, and planted. For some reason the plants grow so well in them. They provide shelter from the wind, and animals can't easily get to the plants. Also, for me it's easier to use them because they are raised up so I don't have to bend down so much.

So, today Jeanetta and Katy bought me two lavendar plants and a trailing rose plant and some chinese lights for the porch. I wasted no time putting the plants in the soil. I planted one lavendar and the rose in the back yard, and one lavendar in the front yard in a container. I also mowed the lawn today and watered it. It looks good.

So, Mother's Day is going to be great, as I go out and look at my new plants tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have been so involved in my little garden! I water it every morning early and watch for things to grow or bloom. In my compost pile all kinds of mystery plants are coming up!! It's so fun to wonder what they will be. They are from seeds and vegetable scraps we have thrown in there.

I have a mole on one side of my garden. he is sure digging up my soil for me. ha! So far he hasn't destroyed any plants. The dogs have made a bigger mess trying to dig him up.

I have seen quail, cardinals, doves, and all kinds of birds out there. I've also seen my wild cat, Lily Thornberry out there hiding, trying to get them. By the way, Katy named the cat Lily, and Billy chose the last name.

So, my front yard containers are doing really well. I have snapdragons, petunias, carnations, columbines, hollyhocks growing. Also, Vinca and snapdragons and morning glories growing in front of the porch.

I just love this time of year!!!