Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting Summer In My Garden

I returned to my garden in April. I lost a few things to the horrible freeze this winter. My Bird of Paradise bushes have started new growth from the roots. The exposed branches died. Also, lost a lavender plant, and two native shrubs. I was very sad.

The drought is really a challenge. Things just don't grow well without rain. We only had one snow this winter. I water once a day, early in the morning. I have a squash, and a cucumber plant surviving. I have some pepper plants, eggplant, cilantro, a couple of carrots, and tomatoes growing in a raised bed and containers.

My Bamboo survived,and I am keeping them watered daily. I also have some dianthus planted in a container, along with some poppies. I planted some Moon Flower seeds and wouldn't you know my daughter's dog dug up the seedlings!!!! I was so upset. I think I saved a couple. I have plenty of Morning Glories sprouting everywhere.

So, soon, hopefully, I can post some good pictures of my plants.