Friday, December 7, 2007

Gardening in the NM desert

I'll begin this section of my blog by saying-I love plants, and I love to see things grow. I have a little spot in my back yard that I have used for 16 years. I've noticed that I have to enrich the soil out there in the spring with compost, and fertilizer. Also, I've noticed that with the very hot summers, certain things won't grow. I think global warming is taking effect. This past summer the only plants to survive were sunflowers, parsley, zinnias. I resorted to growing a lot of things in the shadier areas of my front yard. I also noticed that when fall cooled things off, many plants did so much better, and bloomed into late October. Some plants continued to bloom until about two weeks ago when we had a very cold spell.

I have decided that I will research plants that grow well with heat and not much water. I will plant these things out in the garden area this spring. I may try again to grow a few vegetables, but the summer heat may be too much for these plants.

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