Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Plants Surviving!

In spite of the freezing weather we've had, some of my plants are hanging in there. They are outside too. Among these are, Snapdragons, Hollyhock, succulent ground cover, lavender. I water them from time to time also.

My two stray cats are fat and furry, and every day they are clamoring for their food. I am attached to them! I wish they could come in the house, but my dogs are a threat. Oh well, they have a sunny place in front of the porch and shelter under the porch. I notice that they get out and roam around when the dogs are in the house.

My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom all the time. What a treat! Also the geraniums in the bedroom window continually bloom. I love that!!

So, I bought some wire working tools and I hope to come up with some ideas for a project in the near future. Maybe some hanging things outside this spring.

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