Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Planting and watering

I planted flower seeds last week, and dug up some plants at a friend's house to bring home and transplanted those. I planted poppies, black eyed susan, carnations, columbine, hollyhock, morning glory, and a few other seeds and plants. I've also been watering my grass and it is coming back to green now! I love this time of year.
On the other hand, it's also time to rake and burn weeds. I've spent a few early mornings doing that before the wind starts up. The main reason for doing so is-we are in a drought here in central NM and the fire danger is high. I want to keep a clear area around my house.
So, some of my flower seeds are coming up! I watch daily to see how much they've grown. I also worry about the things I planted in the back yard because rabbits eat almost everything.
I think I'll have to put some garden pictures on a CD and post them on here. The pictures I scanned wouldn't work on here.

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