Monday, December 29, 2008

Covering all subjects

I have been covering all aspects of the title of my blog. It's back to homeschooling as I am helping my daughter teach my grandson. I thought I was retired! Ha!! We still have our homeschooling group here in Socorro and that will provide a lot of help for us.

On the cleaning front, I have been busy, and have, in the past year, lost some people, and gained some. I guess I like cleaning as I am still doing it, and have done it for others a lot in my life. Then there's the cleaning here at home, which never stops. Since my dishwasher broke, and especially now, it seems that there are dirty dishes 24-7!!

On the gardening front, it's mainly my house plants which are getting all my attention. My Orchid Cactus is growing wild!!! My lime tree has one lime growing, I rescued two plants, on sale at Smiths, and they are doing well now. All my other older plants are hanging in there. Outside, there are still a few things living, and green. I think the area inside the adobe wall is a microclimate because the plants there don't seem to freeze.

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