Thursday, January 8, 2009

Outside more

I've been getting outside a little more. It's hard to come back in the house when the days are warm. I have a little bench in my garden where I sit and enjoy the sun. I have a significant other who loves to do yard work and knows about landscaping. Every woman's dream! We're getting a lot done.

I have a stray cat hanging out around the shed and the front porch. I've been feeding it for a while. It allows me to pet it occasionally but it always lets me know when it's hungry. By the way, I think "it" is a female. I need to find out. Katy named it Lily.

On the gardening front, not much is happening. Just keep watering things as we've had no snow or moisture for so long. I look forward to March when I can start to dig up the garden and plan for what I want to grow out there. The Snapdragons and chrysanthemums are still growing! That's great!!

On the homeschooling front, I am still helping teach my grandson. We started again on Tuesday. In February, he will be going to classes with the other homeschoolers every other Thursday for the day.

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