Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is mostly here!

Today I went outside and worked for a while. I am dying to go buy plants, but I'm waiting another week or so because I'm afraid we'll have another bad frost.

I put compost in my raised bed, planted some seeds saved from last year in my tire planters, a few other seeds in various spots too. I'm watering more often now because things are growing.

My "garden" is just mainly a place for me to go and find serenity. It is decorated with recycled things, and may not look perfect but it's just right for me. I like to sit out there on my bench and just think.

Now the dogs go out there with me and get their exercise while I work. The cat meows from it's hideout under the shed roof to let us know she wants to be fed.

I saw a quail run across the back of the property today. That was a real treat for me. They haven't been coming to the garden yet for water, but I hope they do this summer.

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