Friday, November 16, 2007

Explaining Unschooling

Unschooling is a teaching style where the child is free to pick what they want to learn. Of course, in our case, my daughter did have to learn the basic subjects, but then could choose other subjects she liked.

Unschooling is a good way to start out if your child has been in public school and needs a way to unwind and relax. To give them a break for a while from schedules and demanding assignments is a good start to homeschooling. Some families always stick to unschooling and use no formal lesson plans.

Good ways to implement this is to take them to the library. Let them spend some time in the children's section, and encourage them to check out books. Also, computer and TV offer interesting and educational activities and viewing. A family outing to an interesting or educational site would qualify for a school activity. Also, online, there are many sites from which you can order free lessons and materials for study.

My daughter's choices were such activities as guitar lessons, doing a Shakespeare play with her homeschool group. (They did it all on their own), taking keyboard lessons on the computer, etc. There was never a lack of something to do.

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