Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hints for Homeschooling

I started Homeschooling my daughter in the 5th grade. This decision was made because she was tested and declared gifted. Yet her school did not wish to help her because she was not a team player. (She didn't like to play sports). I thought this was crazy!! So, I withdrew her from school. I found a homeschool group in town and got started.

We never used a strict curriculum. I got books from different sources, and used other avenues of learning. Our homeschool group did field trips once a month, and we got together a couple of times a month for social activities. My daughter thrived on this style of learning. We spent about 3 hours a day on lessons. Some were on the computer, and sometimes watching a PBS program was a science lesson. I guess you could say this was "unschooling".

Before I continue explaining some methods and ideas I used for homeschooling, I will say that my daughter is a freshman in college this year. There was not a problem getting her admitted. I am so proud, as her teacher, and parent!!!!!!

One homeschooling option is called Unit Studies. Using this option, we decided on a subject my daughter was interested in. We then gathered any, and all materials we could find on this subject. We spent a couple of weeks immersed in learning about it. For example, we did a Unit Study on Egypt. We gathered information from the library, online, and I even ordered her a little box of Egyptian items such as papyrus, an Egyptian game, a little explanation of the written language, and pictures. We did a lot of these studies through the years.

Other options were other homeschool parents teaching classes. We had people with degrees which qualified them to teach spanish, science, art, etc. There was usually one class a week on each subject. Each "teacher" had the classes at her or his home, or a donated space in the community. We also had PE classes in the community gym or baseball field.

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